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Grab Your Favourite Outfit on Eid from Morbagh

Eid is a festive event, a day to rejoice, and cherish family ties and look your best. And when Eid is around the corner, all the women around the world put in their efforts to prepare the best Eid dresses for the big day.  For this reason, all leading clothing and apparel brands especially design and prepare clothes relevant to Eid festivities, and Mor Bagh by Beech Tree is one of those brands which aims to provide a wardrobe that speaks for the true feminine aura. 

The Eid II edit by Mor Bagh is all about unique prints and colour combinations that will surely turn everyone’s head around, making you the centre of attention, if that’s what you had intended. The collection is rightfully named “Dhaai Angan” which encompasses the essence of women being outdoorsy, free-spirited and being able to express themselves freely with their fashion sense. From fresh and zesty orange and mustard to royal and mosaic blues, and sober grey hues; Mor Bagh has got all the perfect summer tones to fulfil your wardrobe and complete your lawn collection. 

The neutral tone lovers

There are always those who are on the minimalistic side of the colour palette and prefer subtle tones such as neutral hues. This Eid-ul Adha, drape yourself in class and epitome of elegance with our range of neutral shades intertwining with majestic floral prints and gardenia theme.

These Eid dress designs will be picture perfect to be worn in the outdoor and indoor both. As the weather is usually very hot on Eid-ul-Adha, our collection of 3 piece lawn suits will prove to be breathable and extremely comfortable in this scorching hot weather. 

The Majestic Blue shades

2021 has been majorly about blue shade in the eastern clothing. Almost all brands have come up with their summer collection of unstitched clothes in the combination of pearl white and mosaic blue. This certain shade of blue colour, i.e. royal blue and mosaic blue take us back to the Mughal Era, where their infrastructure and architecture mostly comprised of these hues. At Mor Bagh, you’ll be able to find a great variety in this shade with a combination of pearl white, magenta, and mustard shade. The article “Flint Grey” is our personal favourite 3 piece lawn suit as it showcases sober hints of blue with a grey base on the shirt along with a lawn dupatta with striking blue colour in it. 

Rustic or Zesty

Some women love wearing colours that are sharp and bright like yellow, orange and Haute Pink, which make them stand out from the rest. Therefore our collection “Dhai Angan” also features some shades of rustic yet zesty colours of magenta, deep pinks and subtle yellows for you to flaunt in your unstitched suit design. Simply peek over the articles on our website such as the “Yellow Ochre” which is a stunning 3 piece suit from the eid collection, has minimal yet beautiful patterns printed on the shirt, paired with a pretty blended chiffon dupatta for a rather formal touch. 

شاید ‏‏‏1 فرد‏، ‏کھڑے ہیں‏‏ اور ‏بیرونی‏‏ کی تصویر ہو

Similarly, the article “Dusky Beige” which is currently the hot seller of the season is a mix of zesty and rustic hues of mustard and maroon. The designer has combined the floral patterns intelligently with the base colour and presented the customer with some earthy tones that are perfect to be worn on any semi-formal event or even the upcoming Eid-ul-Adha.

Ethnic persona

If you are a lover of all sorts of prints, be it minimal or motif-like, then the articles mentioned under this topic are meant for you! Firstly, “Ethnic Deco” has been everyone’s favourite and even some bloggers have been seen posting their content by beautifully wearing this article, paired with some chunky and retro jewellery and shoes to complete the look. 

شاید ‏1 فرد‏ کی تصویر ہو

With the convenience of buying online lawn dresses, you can browse our website and see how the models have draped these stylish pieces of suits along with accentuating pieces of accessories to give you an idea of what it’ll look like on you. Another hit code of the collection is the “Cerise Punch” which in reality is a sharp punch of pink, with chunri print as a base on the shirt piece for a true ethnic vibe. 

Our fashion stylists suggest you wear these articles with some fancy khussas or kolah puri’s to bring out the true essence of desi ethnic wear these Eid clothes. 

Your everyday summer dresses

شاید ‏‏‏1 فرد‏، ‏کھڑے ہیں‏‏ اور ‏فُٹ ویئر‏‏ کی تصویر ہو

As this collection is for festive occasions, so it is for your everyday wear. at Mor Bagh, we aim to give you the flavour of all spices with our latest summer dresses for women. Speaking of the latest designs, we provide our customers with something timeless and unique so that you can wear them any day for any occasion or even for your casual gatherings with friends. These ladies summer dresses are perfect for a day out with friends or equally good for you to wear at home when you have to do all the preps for a tea party at home. 

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