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All that you need to kickstart the winter season

    The chilly winds are about to make our mornings and evenings cold and the onset of winter screams for certain changes in our closet. Yes, it is time to say goodbye to the lightweight, breathable and airy lawn to make some space for trendy winter clothing. To complete your winter style statement, Mor Bagh has come up with a timeless khaddar collection featuring 2 and 3 piece khaddar suits. The choicest collection - Maati has everything splendid and more to offer that starts from as low as PKR 1850. From the perfect winter colours to details over them, every suit is made elegant to grace your winter look. To top it all, these unstitched beauties are paired with the softest shawls, flowy chiffon dupattas and/or dyed khaddar pants. Here is what to expect from this latest collection. 

    Winter Collection - Dreamy pastels and artistic designs to fall for! 

    We all love to dress up in winters and that is mostly because of the timeless outfits or rich colour palette that these khaddar suits have to offer. This is also true that Pakistani female dresses are so elegant that they exude femininity and grace without any effort. With that in mind, we always offer collections that strike all hearts because of their warm designs and dreamy hues. And that is why, the unparalleled aesthetics paired with pleasing colours, make this whole khaddar collection a choice that no one can resist. Along with the designs and hues, we take pride in bringing to you the most premium quality khaddar fabric that will bring nothing but grace your way!

    Beautifully Printed Khaddar Collection 

    The beautiful collection that speaks about traditions, style and charm also allows us to believe in magic once again. This entire online winter collection is here with its zeal to make you the showstopper wherever you go! No matter the age, this collection is perfect for your winter wardrobe needs. The new and enthralling collection features mesmerizing prints of Khaddar 2 & 3 piece suits that are unstitched so you can stitch them according to your style preference. Without a doubt, the khaddar collection is the only fabric you need to go to if you only want to showcase your style in the winter. Thick, elegant and has beautiful colours - what else do we need from a fabric?

    Unstitched Khaddar Suits - Bring your style to life!

    Khaddar is considered to be among the most worn fabrics during cold weather. The reason behind this choice is simple, this fabric is handwoven from cotton which makes it so soft and likeable. To make it more admired it is often combined with materials like silk or wool etc. To top it all, the Khaddar suit designs are made with such elegance at Mor Bagh that you only step ahead to grab it and nothing less. One such example is our new winter collection. Maati features premium quality Khaddar dresses with enthralling designs that you can stitch your way. 

    Dreamy shawls or Chiffon Dupattas this winter?

    And here we have the biggest dilemma we all face in winters. To choose a long and elegant shawl with Khaddar dresses or should we keep it flowy by choosing a chiffon dupatta instead? Well, we have made it all so easy for you. Maati - our Winter Collection 2021 has both to offer. Our designers have specifically paired these dresses with the shawls or dupattas, which will suit you best. So, this season, before you go crazy over winter suit selection, let our latest Maati Collection - which has everything you could ask for, be your winter wardrobe saviour. Here, you'll get so many beautiful options to choose from like Delicate Vintage-Printed, Whispering Blue-Printed or Oriental Gold-Printed. No matter which one you choose, every article is a masterpiece on its own. So, without any further thought, head to our online store now and shop it all today. 

    The unparalleled quality of Khaddar 2 & 3 piece dresses!

    Quality is the one thing that we have never compromised on. And that is why, even in this season, we have come up with a winter collection for women that is nothing short of perfect in quality! Every article is designed after a thoughtful process and long determination so you can wear them as a badge of grace wherever you go. Moreover, the dresses in this collection are paired with shawls, dupattas or dyed pants for your convenience. You can also choose to drape khaddar dupatta with any of the dresses as it can elevate the look of the dress instantly.  So, without any delay, explore the latest collection today!

    So, here is all about our latest winter collection - Maati. This collection is inspired by the earthy hues and eye-pleasing designs and hence the name. But, it also showcases the traditional patterns and cultural designs. But this is not it, as each of the articles is paired correctly with either a shawl or a dupatta, these dresses are all set to create magic beyond words for you. So, without a delay, visit our online store and explore the latest collection that can bring elegance, femininity and grace to life without any effort. The best part is that everything so perfect is so accessible as well. Yes, the mesmerizing articles start from as low as Rs. 1850. Come on, this collection is too good to lose. So, what is the wait for? Come, dive into the winter collection today, grab everything that suits you and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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